The MDR Story

When someone you know creates a $9 million portfolio and a retirement income of $400,000 from an initial investment of $200,000, it grabs your attention.

As a son and professional financial advisor, it certainly grabbed mine.

I had to know how and why he had achieved such success so in 2010 I started researching my dad’s life and investment journey, culminating in the publication of Millionaire Down the Road: Secrets of the Ultimate Tax-Efficient Investor in 2013.

The next step of the MDR journey will be the release of the MDR Wealth Creation System, a step-by-step program designed to help people like you achieve financial independence based on the best ideas, concepts and strategies I’ve learned from my dad and over 30 years of practical experience in helping individual clients actually achieve financial independence.

Welcome to the MDR website where we connect wealth to life.

The Team

Doug Hodgins, B.A., B. Comm., CFP, RFP


Doug  is a Vancouver B.C. based author, educator and financial advisor who has been helping clients achieve their financial and life goals for over 30 years.

The highlight of his professional career was the three and a half years he spent researching and working with his father culminating in the publishing of Millionaire Down the Road: Secrets of the Ultimate Tax-Efficient Investor in 2013.

Carlos Arostegui, BBA


Carlos is a regular contributor to Millionaire Down the Road. He has a passion for business and finance and is on a mission to educate young professionals like himself about the importance of developing a financial plan earlier rather than later.

Through his experience in the financial industry he’s realized that the most successful investors accumulate wealth, not necessarily by doing everything right, but by avoiding the big mistakes which are far too common.